Wiz khalifa Net worth

Wiz Khalifa Net worth

Wiz Khalifa Net worth

Cameron Fibril Thomas worldly famed Rapper known as Wiz Khalifa born in September-08-1998.This 29 years old American young boy named as a Rap star, songwriter and an actor. He was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania U.S. His parents were in the military that is why he did not live in one place more than three years. He moved to Germany and United Kingdom and then Japan. His parents got divorced when he was just a child of three years old. He got settled in Pittsburgh where he got his education at Taylor All service High School. His stage name Wiz Khalifa is an Arabic name which means successor and Wiz came from wisdom, and he came as WIZ KHALIFA to the world. His grandfather was a Muslim. He says that his name was given to him by his grandfather the reason after this, he was great at everything, so he was called by Khalifa. Wiz Khalifa net worth in 2017 is $28,000,000.

Basic Information

Full Name Wiz Khalifa
DOB September 08,1987
Place of birth Minot, North Dakota USA
Profession Rapper, Songwriter, Actor
Wife Amber Rose(Divorced)
Sibling Dorien`Lala’Thomas(Late)
Offspring 1
Wiz Khalifa Net worth $ 36 million
Car Dodge Challenger SRT8(black)
Holiday spot Hawaii
Favorite Brands Christian Louboutin, Air Jordon, Casio, Nike
Favorite food Munchies
Facebook followers 41,270,089
Youtube subscribers 4,178,134

His career started when he was 16 years old. He met with Benjy Grinberg and began his training. He was a diamond who needs to get polished, and in the next seven years, he came as a bright, sparkling polished diamond. Grinberg met Wiz Khalifa he at once decided to work with him. Wiz Khalifa released his first mixtape, Prince of City in 2005. This mixtape opened his paths to the world of fame and laxity. After this, his full-length album Show and Prove came in 2006. He becomes famous and become a star in the Rolling Stone magazine. After that in the next year, he signed his two mixtapes one after one through Rostrum Records Grow Season on July 20, 2007, and the next on November 20, 2007. He also touched the 25 rank on the Billboard Rhythmic in top 40. The other reason for the popularity of his work might be that he moved to a lot of places so, he knows many culture and languages. Wiz Khalifa performed at Columbia University in New York in April 2010 after the releasing of his new album Deal or No Deal. He also introduced a new melodious way of singing on the mixtape, alternating between rapping and singing. He also performed at a Music Festival in 2010. Wiz Khalifa also became a part of XXL magazine in March 2010. He also became the Man of the year. On June 14, 2010, he released his free mixtape Kush and Orange Juice which ranked No.1 on Google hot searching websites and then day after day his albums released and he becomes the king, and his work touched the peaks. He also won the Best New Artist Award at BET Awards 2011.

Wiz Khalifa Net Worth

Years Net Worth
2012 $14,000,000
2013 $20,000,000
2014 $22,000,000
2015 $25,000,000
2016 $27,000,000
2017 $28,000,000

Graphical Representation:

Wiz Khalifa Net worth
Wiz Khalifa Net worth

Wiz Khalifa, nobody knows that this military man’s son will become a favorite star and will become a shining star in his life. Wiz Khalifa met with an American model, rapper, actor, fashion designer named Amber Rose they got engaged on March 1, 2012, and after a year on the day July 8, 2013, they got married. Amber Rose gave birth to Wiz Khalifa’s son Sebastian Taylor Thomaz in 2014. It was also heard that Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose got divorced and got the co-custody of their child. Wiz Khalifa is a regular user of weed and marijuana. He also launched his rolling paper named as Wiz Khalifa Brand Rolling Paper.

“Grow more weed and get medicated…….every day is a holiday as we celebrate it.”


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