Tyler The Creator Net Worth

Tyler The Creator Net Worth

Tyler The Creator Net worth

American rapper, record maker, and music video chief, Tyler The Creator. Tyler The Creator owns Net worth of $4 Million. He is the pioneer of the option hip bounce aggregate OFWGKTA. Tyler, the Maker, is the option hip-bounce team’s principle rapper, producer, and wellspring of motivation. He got his first taste of popularity when The Los Angeles Times ran a “youngster in the city”- short story on the then 16-year-old skateboarding aficionado, who was additionally inspired by music and form. Tyler greater distinction originated from his single “Yonkers,” which Kane West called “the video of 2011” on Twitter. Tyler, The Maker, was conceived Tyler Okonma on spring sixth, 1991; Ladera Statures, Los Angeles, California, USA. Tyler, the Maker, is an exceptionally regarded name among many hip-jump circles. He has been discharging music since 2009, and his one of a kind and dubious melodious style has pulled in an equal share of faultfinders and resolute fans. Through his diligent work and self-advancement, Tyler could go from being a novice performer to being a worldwide genius. How has Tyler the Maker possessed the capacity to wind up distinctly so fruitful? How well off has his function made him? In this article, I expect to answer both of those inquiries. Will go over how Tyler the Maker could get to be distinctly familiar, while additionally making a point to talk about how his acclaim has influenced his riches. Immediately, we should take in not more than a few moments more about this darling hip-bounce craftsman. Tyler The Creator Net Worth in the years of 2017-18 is around $4000,000.

Basic Information

Full Name Tyler Gregory Okonma
Nick Name He is also known as Wolf Haley, Tyler Haley, DJ Stank Daddy, Ace and The Creator.
Birth Date His date of birth is March 6, 1991
Place of Birth He was born in Ladera Heights, California, United States.
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Tyler The Creator Net Worth $ 4Million
Nationality American
Profession Tyler The Creator is an American Rapper, songwriter, record producer, musician, graphic designer, music video director, and actor.
Genres Hip hop
Body Athletic
Ethnicity Black American
Height 6″ 2″ (1.83 m)
Weight 175 lbs.
Color of Hair Black
Color of Eyes Brown
First Album His first album is called “Goblin.”
Profession Tyler The Creator is an American Rapper, songwriter, record producer, musician, graphic designer, music video director, and actor.
Family / Parents Not known
Style, Makeup, Dress, and hairstyle Tyler is known to wear his signature baseball cap, shorts with long socks. He seems to have a colorful or humorous character, and it is reflected in his dress code.


Tyler, the Maker, grew up without a father in California. When he was seven years of age, he would make his particular collection covers without even actually making any music. When drawing these collection covers, he would envision that these collections were his. When he was 14 years of age, Tyler the Maker started to play the piano. A standout amongst fascinating things about his instruction is that amid those 12 years, Tyler the Maker changed 12 schools in the ranges of Los Angeles and Sacramento. In 2009, without the assistance of any other person, Tyler the Maker discharged his first collection which was called “Mongrel.” His second collection was released two years after the fact and was called “Troll.” Around the same time, he released the music video for his single “Yonkers.” The video cut later got to be distinctly accessible to be obtained on iTunes. After the arrival of this video, Tyler the Maker marked a record manage XL Recordings. His vocation in the music industry began to take off and started to amass Tyler the Maker total assets.

Tyler The Creator Net Worth

Year Net Worth
2012 $ 800,000
2013 $ 1,000,000
2014 $ 1,333,333
2015 $ 2,000,000
2016 $ 2,666,667
2017 $ 4,000,000


Graphical Representation:

Tyler The Creator Net Worth
Tyler The Creator Net Worth

Tyler The Creator Net Worth 

It has been accounted for that Tyler The Creator enjoys Net worth of  4 million dollars. Despite the fact that in media outlets he is known as Tyler the Maker, he is known as Tyler Gregory Okonma, in actuality. Tyler, the Maker, is known as a rapper, hip jump craftsman and maker from California, which are the principle wellsprings of Tyler the Maker total assets. He began to pick up acknowledgment when he framed his band, in which he additionally performed, called “Odd Future.” He additionally created all the blend tapes of the band. Notwithstanding delivering collections of “Odd Future,” he has additionally expressed that he is likewise the person who does all the work of art of the band: he picks the style of garments for the group individuals and also makes other stock

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  1. […] Tyler The Creator net worth: Tyler, The Creator is an American rapper, file manufacturer, track video director, actor, photograph artist and fashion dressmaker who has an internet really worth of $6 million. Tyler The Creator changed into born Tyler Gregory Okonma on March 6, 1991, in Los Angeles, California. He has always shown abilities for track and even taught himself to play piano at the age of 14. Tyler first became famous as the leader of the of the hip-hop institution Odd Future. He is likewise accountable for developing all the artwork used by the group, together with clothing and other merchandise. Tyler has been criticized for his use of homophobic slurs, together with his common use of the word “faggot” and “gay” in his lyrics. He has also acquired criticism for his photo depictions of violence towards girls and his misogynistic lyrics. In 2011, Tyler won the MTV Video Music Award for Best New Artist for his track “Yonkers”. He has been innovative for the reason that age of seven while he might study albums covers and create his personal imaginary albums complete with full music-lists. Tyler’s first solo album “Goblin” become released in May 2011. The album reached #1 on US R&B/Hip-Hop chart and #5 on the Billboard 200 chart. His 2d studio album “Wolf” become launched in April 2013. That album reached #1 on the US Rap chart, #2 at the US R&B/Hip-Hop chart, and #3 on the Billboard two hundred chart. Tyler, The Creator launched the album Cherry Bomb in 2015 which reached #1 on the US Rap and US R&B/Hip-Hop charts and #4 on the Billboard 200. His fourth album Flower Boy turned into released in 2017 and reached #1 on the US Rap and US R&B/Hip-Hop charts and #2 on the Billboard 2 hundred chart. Tyler, The Creator’s unmarried “Who Dat Boy” (proposing A$AP Rocky) reached #2 in New Zealand. He has directed track movies for himself in addition to other artists along with Earl Sweatshirt.Read more about http://www.thenetworthtimes.com/tyler-creator-net-worth/ […]


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