Tai Lopez Net Worth 2019

Tai Lopez Net Worth

Tai Lopez Net Worth

Tai Lopez America’s famous business person and motivational speaker. Tai Lopez Net Worth is around $60,000,000 in 2019. Tai Lopez’s birthplace was Los Angeles, California, USA.

His mother gave him birth on April 11th, 1977. Tai Lopez gives advice on how to achieve love, wealth, happiness, and health. Lopez is also a member of Mensa and an investor as well. He also lived with the Amish and did a job on a farm. Thai achieved the status of a Certified Financial Planner.

He is a popular personality on YouTube. He also has a podcast on YouTube called The Grand Theory of Everything. His worldwide club of the book has 1,400,000 people.

Lopez has also established a substitute to customary business school, search out namely a “Business Mentorship”. He featured on TEDx talks and over there; he has nearly two million views. In 2008, he gave an appearance on an episode of “Millionaire Matchmaker.”Tai Lopez became famous on the internet after an enormous D campaign which raises him steeply from just a few thousand views to almost a hundred million in a few days.

His allegedly infallible ways to success made people think why they had not paid attention to him before. The sudden rise of Tai towards fame mad search out who he was, what were his earnings, how much money he possessed, and what was his source of income.

Lopez is now considered an entrepreneur as well as a life coach and a self-help guru. He sells his materials online. The most popular program of Tai is 67 Steps PDF. He markets it as a reliable means to gain what he calls “The Good Life”.

Essential Details

Full Name Tai Lopez
Date of Birth April 11, 1977
Profession Businessman and motivational speaker
Nationality American
Ethnicity White American
Birthplace Los Angeles, California, USA
Weight 68Kgs
Height 5 ft. 10 in.
Waist 30”
Chest 36”
Hair color Dark Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Shoe Size 10 US
Body Type Slim
Tai Lopez’sNet worth $ 60,000,000
Quotes “People think I’m joking when I say that whoever experiments the most in life wins. But I’m not…”
Zodiac Sign Taurus

Tai Lopez’s mother gave him birth on April 11th, 1977. His birthplace in Los Angeles, California, USA. Tai lived with the Amish for two years before he earned millions. Over there, he volunteered at a leper colony in India.

Later, Tai worked for his mentor “Joel Salatin” at Polyface farms. Lopez started his channel on November 13, 2013. He slowly and hardly built the first thousand subscribers. In his first video, he appeared as a makeup artist for a film’s photo shoot in Hollywood Hills.

His third video consisted of 67 steps guide for getting wealthy by the title of “How to Be Wealthy Guide” and it is now famous as “Book of the Day Club.” Now in just a few years, Tai has achieved the net worth of nearly $60,000,000.

He is now forty years old but he became a self-made millionaire before the age of thirty. Tai also worked with GE as a wealth manager in early 2000. Later on, he owned a wealth management company until 2007.

Then he owned Elite Global Dating, LLC, which was the parent company of many sites of dating. After all this he shifted to social media, making it his source of earnings.

Net Worth

Year Net Worth
2012 $ 3,000,000
2013 $ 5,500,000
2014 $ 7,000,000
2015 $ 11,000,000
2016 $ 18,000,000
2017 $ 20,000,000
2018 $ 40,000,000
2019 $ 60,000,000


Discussion of Net Worth

Tai Lopez net worth in 2016 was $18,000,000 and expectation is that it will be $ 20,000,000in 2017. Before the mass ad campaign of Tai, his net worth was 3 to 7 million. After his ad campaign, his net worth increased to $60,000,000.

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