Skrillex Net Worth 2018 | 2019 (DJ & Producer)

Skrillex Net Worth

Skrillex Net Worth 2018

Skrillex is a top DJ of electro and multi instruments. Skrillex Net worth is $50 Million for the year of 2018.

Skrillex was born on 15 January 1988 in Highland Park, Los Angeles, California United States. Skrillex real name is Sonny John Moore.

In childhood, Skrillex move with his family in Forest Hill, San Francisco In the age of 10 Skrillex parents admit in boarding school in Mojave Desert LV. Where the study in arts. After back in Los Angeles Skrillex join electro club in downtown.

In the year 2004 Skrillex start his career by playing guitar in Matt Good band. In the same year, Skrillex works with many singers and play guitar with them. After this, he releases his first track of full length with Epitaph Records.

The second album of Skrillex has released, in 2006 the title of this album was “Heroine” was produce by Ross Robinson. This album was successful and very high sailing. In 2006 Skrillex tour was very fruitful for him.

Skrillex Net Worth
Skrillex Net Worth

In 2007 he releases many songs with changing into electronic and remixes vocal. In 2008 Skrillex many tours in North Amerce, Taxes and Houston. In 2008 the same year Skrillex also perform in nightclubs of Los Angeles.

In 2009, 2010, 2011 he also record and produce many songs which were the best selling and high and marketing albums. In 2014 Stillix album “Recess” was also the best album

Skrillex Important Details

Name Sonny John Moore (Skrillex)
Date of birth 15 January 1988
Profession DJ, Songwriter, Producer
Height 5`4”
Weight 64 kg
Hair color Black
Eye color Dark brown
Religion Christen

Skrillex Net worth Table


Years Net Worth
2009 $18,122,110
2010 $20,767,320
2011 $25,178,010
2012 $27,123,340
2013 $29,987,230
2014 $32,878,120
2015 $36,818,190
2016 $40,186,890
2017 $45,121,000
2018 $50,000,000
What status of Skrillex on YouTube?

Skrillex has a page on YouTube with name “Skrillex” have  4.2 billion views and have 16.5 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Skrillex earns $3 million to his YouTube channel.

How many awards Skrillex have?

Skrillex won around 10 awards and have 10 nominations in his career. In this awards are including Grammy awards, Best New artist, best Dance recording.

Skrillex has many awards and has many nominations in awards. Due to his good performance, he also has a good name in his career of DJ.

Awards Years
Best Dance Recording Award 2012
Electronic Album Award 2012
Best Remix Recording Award 2012
Best Dance Recording Award 2013
Electronic Album Award 2013
Best Remix Recording Award 2013
Best Dance Recording Award 2016
Electronic Album Award 2016
Best Visual Effects Award 2012
Best Visual Effects Award 2013


Skrillex is a famous DJ in the music world. Skrillex yearly earns $4 million.

Skrillex net worth in 2010 is around $20.7 Million.

In 2011 his net worth was $25 million.

In 2012 Skrillex income was $27 million.

In 2013 his net worth was $29 million.

In 2014 his net worth was $32 million.

In 2015 Skrillex net worth is $36 million.

In 2016 his net worth is $40 million.

In 2017 his net worth is $45 million.

And Now Skrillex Net Worth in 2018  is $50 Million.

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