Lisa Brennan-Jobs Net Worth 2018 | 2019 (Journalist)

Lisa Brennan-Jobs Net Worth

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Lisa Brennan-Jobs Net Worth 2018

Lisa Brennan-Jobs is a famous journalist, social media personality, and column writer. Lisa is the richest woman in social media. Lisa Brennan-Jobs Net Worth is around $14.2 Billion in the year 2017.

Lisa was born on 17 May 1978 in Portland, Oregon, United States. Lisa father Steve Jobs which was a famous personality in the world.

Steve Jobs was the Co-Founder of Apple company. Lisa first lives with her mother and study in The Nueva School. After some years she moved to her father and start study at Palo Alto High School.

After school life, she attends King’s College London. After complete her college Lisa join Harvard University. In the year 2000, she completes her graduation from journalists.

After complete her studies she starts working as a writer in Manhattan.  Lisa wrote the different topic in Manhattan Lisa wrote “The Harvard Advocate”, “Spiked”, “Vague”, “The Southwest Review” etc.

Which was a different written and have the qualities of changing ideas? Lisa wrote different life events and different biographies in them the most popular was “Steve Jobs” and “Walter Isaacson’s”  was the most popular biographies of time.

Lisa works in different movies she writes their stories and directed both. Lisa and her father both works in hard and she also famous in Movies like “Perl Haney-Jardine”, “Aaron Sorkin” and “Ava Acres” are the most popular movies and Lisa work and produce them very well.

Lisa Brennan-Jobs

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Name Lisa Brennan-Jobs
Date of birth 17 May 1978
Profession Journalist, social media personality, writer
Birthplace Portland, Oregon, United States
Father Name Steve Jobs
Mother Name Chrisann  Brennan
Famous as Daughter of Apple Co-founder
Marital status Married
Ethnicity White
Nationality America


Lisa Brennan-Jobs is a well-known journalist, social media personality, and writer. Brennan is the richest lady in social media. Lisa Brenna internet well worth is around $14.2 Billion within the year 2017.

Lisa changed into born on 17 May 1978 in Portland, Oregon, America. Lisa father Steve Jobs which become a well-known persona in the world. Steve Jobs changed into the Co-founder of Apple enterprise. Lisa lives with her mom and looks at the Nueva School.

Lisa Brennan-Jobs Net Worth tableLisa Brennan-Jobs Net Worth table

strong>Years Net Worth 2011 $2,213,982,12 2012 $4,872,212,89 2013 $7,122,091,12 2014 $9,921,123,82 2015 $11,761,891,1 2016 $12,129,211,7 2017 $14,231,911,2


Lisa Brennan-Jobs is the richest journalist in the world. Lisa net worth in 2011 was $2.2Billion. In 2012 her net worth was $4.8Billion. In 2013 Lisa net worth was around $7.1Billion. In 2014 Brennan net worth was $9.9Billion. In 2015 Lisa net worth was $11.7Billion. In 2016 her net worth was $12.1Billion. In 2017 Lisa Brennan net worth is $14.2Billion.

How many ways of Lisa Brennan-Jobs Net Worth?

Lisa is a famous Journalist in the world she also a writer and social media personality. The main sources of her net worth are discussed here.

  1. Journalism
  2. Newscasting
  3. Apple company investment
  4. Producing
  5. Story writing
  6. Acting

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