Kristina Sunshine Jung Net worth

Kristina Sunshine Jung Net Worth

Kristina Sunshine Jung has a net worth of $150,000. She is the daughter of George Jung and Mirtha Calderon. Kristina Sunshine Jung mother conceived her in 1978 and will be turning 39 this year. Her parents decided to put an official end to their marriage in 1984, and at that time, she was six years of age.

Her father is currently residing in California and is a subject to a condition called Dementia in which a person’s brain gets disabled and starts to dysfunction to the extent that it could eventually lead to death sooner or later. Her father was a drug smuggler and was often behind bars for trafficking drugs in and out of the United States of America.

Kristina Sunshine Jung’s dad George Jung has always made it to the news highlights due to his jail records, court hearing, drug dealing and all the criminalization he has been a part of. That has created conjectures and speculations among friends, family, and among the general public to ask more regarding her father and her personal life, making it a subject of gossip and other more harmful social evil.

Hence, she has always maintained secrecy in her own life and has seldom come into the limelight. Kristina Sunshine Jung Net worth is $150,000 in 2019.

Katrina Sunshine Jung Net worth Basic Information

Birth name Kristina Sunshine Jung
Also known as Kristen Jung
Born  May 22, 1978 (39 years)
Occupation Entrepreneur
Years active 1999–present
Brands and Companies BG Apparel and Merchandise
Zodiac Cancer
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Dirty Blonde
Weight 60 Kgs
Weight In pounds 132.2  pounds
Height 5’5
Height in meters 1.65m
Father George Jung
Mother Mirtha Jung
Siblings Clara Pearson
Spouse Romain Karan
Children Athena Romain Karan
the Debut year 2001
Movie Blow


Since Katrina Sunshine Jung Net worth and her father was a celebrity and a well-known figure in the history of the United States, he was able to generate a lot of interest, and the Hollywood decided to make a movie on the life of Boston George, the great El Americano.

In the film titled “Blow” which made it to the screens in 2001, the drug dealer’s character was played by none other than Jhonny Depp, his love interest, wife and the mother of his daughter Mirtha was played by Penelope Cruz and last but not the least, his daughter Kristina Sunshine was played by the 10-year-old, young Emma Roberts, and Jamie King.

The movie is inspired by events based on their real lives yet is not a perfect depiction of it. Jung’s father was in jail, and her mother who used to be a former drug addict too came clean and has stayed that way for more than 20 years now.

This, she did primarily for her daughter, and Kristina Jung was not swallowed into the deep dark pits of drug and cocaine, she gets her resilience, her attitude, energy and work ethic from her parents and she is putting it to better use than they did.

Kristina Sunshine Jung Net worth is $150,000 in 2019.


Years Net Worth
2012 $ 110,000
2013 $ 115,000
2014 $ 120,000
2015 $ 135,000
2016 $ 150,000
2017 $ 150,000
2018 $ 150,000
2019 $ 150,000

About Kristina Sunshine Jhung

Kristina Sunshine Jung is the girl of George Jung, a previous essential individual from the Medellin Cartel, a noteworthy medication pirating ring that worked in the late 70s and mid-80s. The Medellin Cartel was in charge of almost 90% of the cocaine that was snuck into the United States in the 90s. Her dad was gotten numerous circumstances, and in the late 80s, he skipped safeguard and took his family with him on the run. He endeavored to work some legitimate occupations for a couple of years, however, came back to medicate pirating in the mid-90s, until the point that he was gotten once more. George was condemned to 60 years in prison, however, that was later diminished. Kristina Sunshine Jung was isolated from her dad for the vast majority of her life, yet purportedly went to him in 2002. She likewise showed up in the motion picture “Blow”, a fictionalized record of George’s life featuring Johnny Depp. Her scene was eventually cut, however, can be found in the DVD with additional items. In the motion picture, Jung was depicted by Emma Roberts and Jaime King. She at present lives in California with her better half and youngsters. George Jung is booked to be discharged on Thanksgiving day 2014, that is November 27th.

Kristina Sunshine Jhung Personal Life

Conceived on first August 1978, Kristina Sunshine Jung opened her eyes to a medication dependent family. George Young was a much-scorned street pharmacist who went all through the correctional facility a few times. Kristina’s mom, Mirtha Jung was additionally a medication junkie. She utilized high-force medications to overwhelm her enslavement and gloom. Much the same as his better half, Mirtha Jung was captured and accused of medication ownership.

While in the organization of medication someone who is addicted family, Kristina Sunshine had fairly anomalous adolescence. To add assist troubles to life, her folks lost trust in each other. In this way, they separated and left Kristina Jung’s family life in danger. Kristina Jung moved with her mom after the separation who battled monetarily to get together the expenses to raise Kristina. Luckily, Kristina maternal guardians acted as the hero. They sent her valuable endowments once in a while.

Kristina Sunshine Business

Kristina Sunshine is an expert agent. She is working with her dad to set up a brand with her dad. They likewise have a business wander together named as BG Apparel and Merchandise. It seems as though them two are investing quality energy. Among Kristina Sunshine interests, a standout amongst the most enjoyed diversions of her is verse composing. She is likewise dynamic on Facebook. As of late, she has declared that sooner rather than later she is going to dispatch a life story of her mom, Mirtha Yong. Be that as it may, there has not been any news about the discharging date of the motion picture. She has additionally taken an interest in the motion picture about her mom. Be that as it may, because of the government request, she mightily vanished from the motion picture

Graphical Representation

kristina sunshine jung

Kristina Sunshine Jung

She is currently working for BG Apparel, and her business is doing very well, very soon, her close family members are of the opinion that she will go global and double her earnings. Side by side, she has not only secured herself financially but has also used her father’s fame for the right purpose and is promoting her brand along with her stepsister. Her family bonds are as strong as her financial game. She has reversed, and the drug culture in her family and it is gone for good.

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