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Foxy Brown Net worth

Inga DeCarlo Fung Marchand an American Rapper known by her famous name Foxy Brown. She was born in Brooklyn, New York, United States on September 6, 1078. She worked in the field of music as a solo singer. Her mother’s name was Judith Marchand and her father’s name was Winston Marchand. She was a solo singer but she worked with many co-workers as a rapper and singer. She has two siblings (brother) Pretty Boy and Anton Marchand. Foxy Brown’s brother Pretty Boy went to jail for two years she also worked as a hip-hop singer with a group The Firm. Foxy’s father Winston Marchand relinquishes his family to establish his career at ERAC records. In 2006, she introduced her album named III Na Na followed by Chyna Doll in 1999 after that her next album named Broken Silence appeared in 2001. In 2007, she released her self-titled album this was the only album released at the time by The Firm. After 2001 she did not release any album for some time because she was working on her verses for herself and for her co-artist. In 2003, she left Def Jam Label and canceled her album III Na Na 2 with them. Then in 2005 she again collaborates with the Def Jam Label and they signed her to work with them she released her new album named Black Rose. Foxy Brown Net worth is around $2 million for the year 2016-2017.

Initial information

Name Inga DeCarlo Fung Marchand
Born on September 6, 1978
Birthplace New York City, New York U.S
Lodging Brooklyn, New York, U.S
Profession Rapper, model, actress
Years active 1994-present
Genres Hip-Hop
Labels Def Jam, Violator Records, Koch Records
Height 5’2”
Nationality American
Ethnicity Afro-Trinidadian, Chínese, Indo-Trinidadian
Weight 56kg
Body measurements 23-27-32
Star sign Virgo
Hair color Dark brown
Dress size 6
Partner Timothy Collier
Child One daughter
Facebook likes 24099
Twitter followers 90.4K
YouTube viewers 6,062,060
Sound Cloud 11K
Foxy Brown Net worth $2millions
Yearly earnings $18,000,000
Monthly income $15,00,000

In her early work period she started the career with her main artisan III Na Na she won a talent contest show at her teenage life in her neighborhood Park Slope there the Track master team who were working with Mr. Smith attended her talent show and were very impressed with her talent and then they assigned her for to give a rap for their song ‘I Shot Ya’ then her several debut appearances came with RIAA platinum and gold singles. She remixes released ‘You’re Makin ‘Me High’ by Toni Braxton. She also sounded for a film The Nutty Professor in 1996 on the song Touch Me Tease Me. She became successful and then in the beginning of 1996 her success led to the label bidding war. In March 1996 while working with Def Jam Records they won and added her 17 years old teenager to their band. Then we saw Foxy working with Lil’Km, Da brat for the recording of Bad Boy’s remixed song No One Else she appeared with her schoolfellows at that time. Her debut album III Na Na earns lots of fame and this album sold over 109,000 copies in the very first week of its releasing and it ranked the #7 on Billboard 200. Then her two alba released by winning platinum ‘Get Me Home’ and I’ll Be’ then her next self-titled album Foxy Brown, Nas, AZ, and Nature Present The Firm which reached #1 on Billboard 200 her album sold over half million records and won a gold certificate. Then she performed at a festival with Snoop Dogg and The Spice Girl hosted by MTV in Panama City, Florida and the rocking band Stone Temple Pilots. Then in summer 1997, she toured The Pharcyde in Boston, Massachusetts. She left this tour after missing many dates. Then in 1999, her one more album came with the title Chyna Doll in January which sold over 173,000 copies her hit single song ‘Hot Spot’ failed to enter the Billboard. Her debut album Chyna Doll certified as platinum. In 1999, Foxy stated on the show of Ricki Lake that she would come in the 2000 action film Charlie’s Angels. Then in 2001 her next album released named as Broken Silence released she gave her single ‘BK Anthem’ she exhibit by giving a tribute to her homelands, Brooklyn, and to the famous rappers The Notorious B.I.G. and Jay-Z. Her first single song was “Oh Yeah” the album Broken Silence sold over 500,000 records. Then her many songs released in movies as Blow My Whistle in the film Rush Hour 2 produced by The Neptunes. In 2002 she came back to her music line and released her singles ‘Stylin’ and in 2003 her next single Too Much for Me. She also worked on a radio show with DJ Wendy Williams. Then her fourth album Black Rose released in July 2005 it was a hip-hop which was delayed due to some problems this album goes until 2007 when Black Head Entertainment announced her as their manager but due to the delaying if her album after every given date the album again postpone now she is working on her album ‘King Soon Come’ which will be released in 2018. After even struggling this much she has a net worth of $2,000,000 and she monthly earns $1500, 000.  Foxy Brown Net Worth in the years of 2017-18 is around $3,000,000.

Foxy Brown Net worth table

Net Worth Year
2012 $1,442,857
2013 $1,600,000
2014 $1,739,130
2015 $2,000,000
2016 $2,800,000
2017 $3,000,000

Foxy Brown Net worth graph

Foxy Brown Net worth

Foxy is a mother of a single daughter. Many rumors and cases surround her she had been sentenced to jail for almost a year in a case of violence fight with two manicurists in 2004 she also gets accused of hitting women with BlackBerry and there are many cases seen about her anger behavior and she also attends some anger controlled classes. She also suffered a hearing problem in her musical career but she recovered after a surgery she is a very courageous woman who suffered from various things but never loses hope as she says:

“I’m on a personal journey. I believe God wants to be the only voice I hear right now. I know I will be alright”.

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  1. […] Foxy Brown Net Worth is $ 2Million. Foxy Brown is an American rapper, model, and actress. Foxy Brown was born Inga DeCarlo Fung Marchand on September 6, 1978 in New York City and raised in Brooklyn. She was best known for her solo work, as well as numerous collaborations with other artists and her brief stint as part of hip hop music group The Firm. Her albums include “Ill Na Na” in 1996, followed by “Chyna Doll” in 1999, and “Broken Silence” in 2001. She also performed on the 1997 album by the Firm, the only album to be released by that group to date. Throughout her career, Brown has held an extensive arrest record and served some time in jail. She left the Def Jam label in 2003, which canceled the release of her “Ill Na Na 2” album. However, she returned to the label in January 2005 after then-Def Jam president and CEO Jay-Z signed her back to begin work on her new album “Black Roses”. In December 2005, she began suffering from hearing loss, which put her career on hiatus until the next summer, a few months after surgery. A fourth studio album, which originally was a mixtape, was released in May 2008 following many delays spawned by a jail sentence that Brown served for assault. […]


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