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Chris Brown Net worth

Chris Brown Net Worth

Christopher Maurice is a famous singer of USA, he was born on May 4, 1989, and raised in Tappahannock, Virginia. He also a songwriter and a good dancer. Chris Browns Net worth is around $50 Million. He has written many songs of his own. He gets inspired by Mikel Jackson at his young age; he also attended many shows of his and love to see his dance always.

His father Clinton Brown was a correction officer at the local prison. Brown was born to be a singer, the music always present in his beginning of childhood; he also listens to many types of music in his childhood but loves to hear, Mikel Jackson.  He listens to soul music, and started interested in the hip-hop scene at the young age; Brown was getting involved in his local talent at church choir shows. Chris Brown Net worth is around $50 Million.

Chris Brown Net Worth

These days his parents get divorced, and many issues were standing there, her mother boyfriend subjected her to domestic violence. He served his half-life as a poor man after the divorce of his parents, then he began to find the opportunity of the record deal. When he was performing at church choir her mother recognized his vocal talent, then they move from Virginia to New York.

He also has his older sister who works in a bank, as manager. At the age of 15, Chris, worked hard to pay off a deal with Jive Record at the ripe. When he moved to New York, he got involved in many competition of singing contest.

At the age 13, he first appears by Hitmission Record, it is a local production team, which is searching for new talent, and go to Browns father Gas station.

Whereas Hitmission gave him training for singing and helped him to arrange the demo package to get to New York best record deal, and finally he can audition the Def Jam records. According to Browns, he impressed the senior executive of Def Jam, the Tina Davis, she impressed from Browns and took him to the president of Def Jam Music Group.

The same day the president offered him to sign it now. The Browns work Def Jam with two months, after this, they fired Davis for the corporate unification. When Browns know that they shot her, Browns asked her, would you like to be my manager, then she said yes. Davis, getting promoting Browns to the upper level, like Jive Records, Warner Bros Records.

Davis introduced browns with Mark Pit and presented a video of Brown; then Pit said that I had seen his potential, and I did not like his all records, but I love his voice. He also has attended a school for his early career in music, in 2005. Chris Brown Net worth is around $50 Million.

Birth Name Christopher Maurice Brown
Stage name Chris Brown
Date of Birth May 5, 1989
Now age 29
Birthplace Tappahannock, Virginia, US
Profession Singer, songwriter, actor, rapper
Nationality American
Gender Male
Label RCA Records, Jive records, Zomba Group
Genre Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop
Siblings Lytrell Bundy
Daughter Royalty Browns
Marital status Single
Ethnicity African-American
Chris Browns Net worth $50 million


Career of browns

In 2004, Chris signed to the label Jive Records; then he started recording his self-debuted album, whereas 50 songs have recorded, but 14 of them were selected for the album in 2005.

For this album Brown also worked with many songwriter and producer, according to them they also said that “they believed in brown.”  Which was released on 29th of November, in 2005, he also titled that album as Chris Browns, with a sale of 154,000, and the album debuted at the number 2 on the US Billboard 200.

His debuted album get him to the success with time, whereas the two million copies of the album were sold in the only United States and was three million all over the world, the album he recorded was in his life. In 2007, Brown went on the tour with Ne-Yo, but when he came back, he started recording his one more album of a studio, called Exclusives, he worked hard for this album and finally in 2007.

The was released only in the USA, and in the first week, it debuted at the number 4th on the US Billboard. The first week of the album released, it was sold about 294,000 copies in the United States.

This album got the positive feedback, which makes the Browns proud of his music. In 2011 the album was sold about 1.9 million in UA, the album still running well at the US Billboard 100, the album’s single peaked at the number about 79 at the billboard, and also peaked at the number 22 on the R&B hip-hop Songs.

He also earns 11.6 million dollars from his concerts on both levels. Chris Brown Net Worth is $50 Million.

Basic information of Chris

Height in feet 6’ 1″
Height meters 1.85 meter
Weight In Kgs 71 kg
Weight pounds 156 pounds
Shoe size 11 US
Eye color Brown
Natural hair color Black
Current hair color Black
Body type Athletic
Chest size 107cm/42in
Biceps size 41cm/16in
Waist size 81cm/32in
Chris Brown Net Worth $ 50 Million


Chris Brown Tattoo’s

Chris Browns got his first tattoo, at the age of 13, after his success he got lots of tattoos on his body, including on his chest, arms, back, neck and legs.

He also changed his tattoos much time.

  1. Now he has two roses inked on each side of his chest
  2. On the right bicep his tattoo, FAME stands for, “Forgiving all my Enemies,” as his fourth album was named as FAME.
  3. He also had three stars tattoo on his neck
  4. He also has a Symphonic Love, tattoo on his chest which represent that his love for music.
  5. He also has the tattoo on his wrist, named after his mother, Joyce, which represent the love for his mother
  6. His tattoo of skull halo on his hand represents that how death leaves behind our bones and memories.
  7. In the back of Chris Brown’s neck, have two tattoos, one is smiling face, and another one is the rattlesnake.
  8. After his success, in 2012, he got the tattoo of F16 Jet on his torso

Chris Debuted Albums

FAME was his 4th debuted album, which was released on the 18th of March, 2011, which is also received positive feedback, the album debuted at the number one on the Billboard 200.

The first week of the release of the album, it was sold out about 270,000 copies, whereas it gives the Chris number one album of the USA. The Alba leading single was pop up in the most eleven countries, which include UK, Austria, Denmark, New Zealand, and more other countries.

Browns album second single, Look at Me Now, which was featured by Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes and the single reached the number one on the US Hot R&B Songs chart. This album was also got him to success and on an upper level.

The third single of, which peaked at a number on the US Dance Club Songs chart. This album received good feedback from Chris, whereas he was getting paid for his shows all over the world, which was his first world tour in his life. According to Browns Debuted album, also nominated six at the BET Awards, and unfortunately, he won five awards in 2011.

In 2013 Browns released his Mixtape titled as X-Files, this album makes many issues in his career. Chris Brown Net worth is around $50 million.

In 2014, it was stated that the album would be released on Chris’s Birthday, then the same year he released the teaser of his new track, Don’t Be Gone Too Long, which was featured by Ariana Grand, but the song again delayed to release because of Browns Prison sentenced.

Finally, on the 16th of September, 2014, his 6th studio album, X, was released, this album features many artists like Kendrick Lamar, Diplo, and Danja. In the first week of the album, it was sold out about 145,655 copies with the peak at number 2nd on the US Billboard chart.

Chris Brown Net worth is around $50 Million.

Browns Studio Albums 8 Studio albums
Brown Singles 106 Singles
Brown promotional singles  

9 singles

Browns Mix Tape 8 Mix Tape

Earring of the Chris Brown albums

Records Name Income
Fan of a Fan $4,261,364
X-Files $2,435,065
X $2,078,714
Carpe Diem $1,893,939

Chris Brown Award

  1. He won the BET award for best collaboration
  2. He also won 2 MTV Awards
  3. He also won 3 Grammy Awards For the R&B albums
  4. And also 4 Awards for the video of the year
  5. And 5 BET fan dominium Awards

Browns source of Income 

His primary source of revenue is Burger King Restaurant where he earns 1.6 million dollars per years; he has owned 15 franchises of Burger King Restaurant.

Source Earnings
Record sales of studio albums $20.0 million
Endorsements $784,314
Estimated annual salary $3.5 million

Chris Brown Net Worth


Years Income
2011 $3 Million
2012 $7 Million
2013 $10 Million
2014 $13 Million
2015 $20 Million
2016 $28 Million
2017 $40 Million
2018 $50 Million

Browns singing Style

He was first inspired by Michal Jackson in singing and dancing, whereas his every song video he also dances in it.

He also aspired by Usher, he is singing is the vocal style like light lyric tenor, which recognize by his mother at the young age.

He also stated in the People magazine that, he 11 years old and watching Usher performance on My Way, he started copying him, her mother said that you could sing?, he is like, Yeah, Mama.

He also won the Grammy Award for his debuted album FAME. Chris Brown Net Worth is $50 Million.

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