Spike Lee Net worth

Spike Lee Net worth

Spike Lee Net worth

Spike Lee enjoys the net worth of 40 million dollars, his birth name is Shelton Jackson, and he acts, directs the film, produces them and writes screenplays of his films. Spike Lee hometown is in Brooklyn, New York, USA. He is the owner of the production house “40 acres and Mules Filmworks” has given more than thirty-five movies starting 1983. Spike’s films are mostly themed on issues of color and race, and people can grow out of discriminatory policies, behaviors, and attitude. His films mainly rotate around socio-economic aspects of life like the extent to which poverty will push people into crime and how media is a part of this mad design of a system. Some of Lee’s famous films include She has to have it, his debut movie as a director who made it to the theaters in 1986. His films “Do the Right Thing” and “Malcolm X” made him famous. Ten films fall under his director’s role, and he has acted in all of them. Spike Lee was in nominations for the Oscars two times; he was also a one-time nominee for the Student Academy Awards and once for the honorary award by the Oscars. He is the two-time winner of the Emmys and for the Peabody Awards. He received the Gish Prize in 2013; it is an award given to an individual for their outstanding efforts in making the human life more enjoyable and cherished. Spike Lee net worth in 2017 is 40 million dollars.

Basic Information

Birth name Shelton Jackson
Also known as Spike Lee
Born  March 20, 1957 (59 years)
Genres Comedy, Comedy-drama, Drama, Stand-up Comedy, Biography-Drama
Occupation(s) Actor, Director, Producer, Screenwriter, Comedian, Professor
Years active 1977–present
Labels 40 Acres and Mules Filmworks
Zodiac Pieces
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Light Brown
Weight 68 Kgs
Weight In pounds 149.9 pounds
Height 5’6
Height in meters 1.68m
Father Bill Lee
Mother Jacquelyn Lee
Siblings Cinque, David, and Arnold Lee
Spouse Tonya Lewis
Children Satchel and Jackson Lee
The debut year 1986
Debut Film She has to have it.


His career began with the film. She has to have it which was shot within a limited time span of two weeks and a limited budget of 175 thousand US Dollars in 1985, yet when the movie released it reigned the box office generating no less than 7 million. In 1989, his second film, Do the Right thing broke all comfortable and social stereotypes and earned a nomination at the Oscars for the best screenplay. In 1997, he made a beautiful, soulful documentary titled “four little girls” themed on a church bombing during the baptizing ritual in Birmingham in 1963. His work got critical acclaim, and he made it to the nominees for an Oscar again. In 2008, he won a Wexner Prize, and in 2015, he got an Academy Award for his contribution to film. Lee has sometimes been in trouble with the media who fail to understand his sense of humor and have made him feature in some bizarre controversies. Spike Lee net worth in 2017 is 40 million dollars.

Years Net Worth
2012 $ 15 million
2013 $ 18 million
2014 $ 20 million
2015 $ 22 million
2016 $ 32 million
2017 $ 40 Million

Graphical Representation

Spike Lee Net worth
Spike Lee Net worth

As a veteran filmmaker, actor and social reformer, Lee has altered the participation of Blacks in the Hollywood and has taken it to a new level altogether, tearing endlessly many years of generalizations and minimized depictions to build up another field for African-American voices to listen. His motion pictures — a progression of blunt and provocative socio-political kind educated by a relentless duty toward questioning common assumptions about race as well as class — both set his particular stance as one of contemporary silver screen’s most compelling figures and assisted the locations and progress of new entrants in the industry of black origins.

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