Nicole Threatt Net Worth 2017 | 2018

Nicole Threatt Net worth

Nicole Threatt Net Worth

Nicole Threatt Net Worth is of approximately $ 750 million due to the successful path hit by her husband and his company. Dr. Dre is in partnership with Beats, an electronics brand and also a celebrated rapper himself, along with that he has his own entertainment label and music producer. Nicole Threatt was his long-term girlfriend and has now been married to him for no less than eighteen years, which is almost two decades. She was born on January 1, 1970, with the name Nicole Kendra Plotzker, in the United States of America. She also has the responsibility of managing Dre’s brand and keeping his brand image intact. This reflects a lot of their marriage; apart from emotional connection, both have confidence in delegating other tasks of their lives, be it as a parent or as a top executive of an A-league brand. Nicole was a divorcee when she married Dr and was the wife of a renowned NBA player. Nicole has been with her husband Drew through the thick and thin, the good and bad days of their lives and she prefers to keep her marital life as drama-less as possible, which is why she is never seen interacting with the press a lot, especially regarding her husband and marriage.

Essential Details:

Birth name Nicole Kendra Plotzker
Also known as Nicole Young
Born  January 1, 1970
Occupation(s) ·Celebrity Wife, Manager
Ethnicity ·White
Years active 1985 -1994, 2003–present
Instruments ·Vocals, Kazoo, Percussion
Spouses Sedale Threatt (ex-husband)

Dr. Dre

Zodiac Capricon
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color  Brown
Weight 62 kg
Weight In-lbs  137 lbs
Height 5’5
Height in meters 1.67m
Age 47 years
Children Truth Young, Truly Young
Nationality American
Orientation Straight
Labels Aftermath Entertainment
Famous for Dr. Dre’s wife

Nicole Kendra was once married to the famous NBA player Sedale Threatt, and this is how she got her name, Nicole Threatt. During her marriage with Threatt, she came across Dr. Dre who fell head over heels in love with the wife of LA Laker’s point guard. This is how that marriage ended probably, as there exists as a proof, a letter written by Dr. Dre to the former Mrs. Threatt to leave her husband and be a part of his life. Yes, that is quite a love and the best part of this slightly controversial love story is that the love between the two has still not faded.  Dr. Dre still cares about his wife as much or maybe even more than before and this we can say because of his reaction towards his alleged romance with a model. He along with his lawyers decided to sue the media group of putting false accusations on him for cheating on his wife. Clearly, he is all the same loving and protective husband of her as he ever was.

The Net Worth table:

Years Net Worth
2012 $ 10 million
2013 $ 14 million
2014 $ 20 million
2015 $ 33 million
2016 $ 35 million
2017 $ 41 million

Graphical View:

Nicole Threatt Net Worth
Nicole Threatt Net Worth

Nicole Threatt Net Worth Discussion:

Nicole Threatt  Net worth is rather predictable, because of her immense talent and her lavish lifestyle which involves the right PR and having the right kind of friends.  She is a huge supporter of her husband, and he attributes his success to her. Nicole Threatt’s net worth is huge and continues to rise along with her her husband’s, and this is only because of the decisions they have taken as a couple together.

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